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Krypton recliner love seat


The smallest recliner with the greatest comfort

The number one problem several cinema theatre owners face is space. It’s simple - the more seats per screen, the greater the space for the audience. We, at Atom Seating, hear you. Hence, Krypton VIP recliner. The Krypton recliner series by Atom Seating is the smallest recliner variant in the house with a 23-inch seat base and 25 inch center to center dimension. 


Krypton allows cinema owners to maximize seating capacity per screen while keeping the comfort factor intact. Krypton is the perfect answer for a modern-day cinema theatre. With its availability in multiple colors and upholstery, easily replaceable parts, Krypton is made keeping both cinema owners and moviegoers in mind. Learn more about the latest developments in Krypton recliners. Enquire today to avail of deferred payment options on Krypton recliners.  


Comfort per inch - Krypton Recliner 

  • 23 inches seat base and 25 inches center to center makes it the smallest recliner variant in Atom Seatings catalog 

  • Plush backrest for unlimited comfort 

  • Minimal armrest for maximum space utilization

  • Obstruction free base for easy cleaning 

  • Offered as single, continuous, or love seats (with an articulating center arm) 

  • Interchangeable parts for easy replacement 

  • A variety of upholstery and colors 

  • Choice of manual and electric recliners 

  • Constructible with ADA ends (Optional)

  • Liveable Seat Base (Optional)

  • Motorized Headrest (Optional)

krypton recliner love seat
Krypton recliner love seat

Why Choose Us?

The best cinema seating experience at 21% more capacity per screen 

  • One of the primary reasons why Krypton VIP recliners are the best movie theatre recliners is because of their size. Krypton recliners help your patrons with the most comfortable experience while allowing you to maximize the seating capacity in your theatre per screen. 

  • The availability of manual and electric variants along with single, continuous, and loveseats options helps cinema owners with the freedom to broaden their thoughts and choose only the best cinema recliner for their movie theatre. 

  • The parts on Krypton recliners are easily replaceable. In the long run, when you begin to see damages, you don’t have to worry about replacing the entire recliner, but just the parts affected making it as good as new. 

  • Available in several colors and upholstery options to fit your cinema theatre appearance. 


1. Why choose Atom Seating Krypton Recliners? 

If you want to deliver your patrons the comfort of a VIP recliner without giving up on more space, the Krypton recliner is your go-to option. As opposed to bulky recliners, Krypton has a 23 inches seat base and 25 inches center to center, making it one of the smallest in the herd. 

2. Where can I find Krypton cinema recliners in the USA? 

You can contact us via email at to enquire about Krypton recliners. To learn more about the dimensions and features of Krypton, you can download the brochure provided above. 

3. What are the features of Krypton recliners? 

With a 25 inch center to center length, Krypton is one of the smallest recliners available in single, loveseats and continuous arrangement. Table seat base, motorized headrest, and an obstruction-free base for cleaning are some of the best features of Krypton recliners. 

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