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Neon Recliner by Atom Seating


A cinema recliner personalized for cinema owners - VIP Neon Recliner 

In our quest to deliver the best and only the best to cinema owners, we devised a cinema recliner like no other. The Neon Recliner by Atom Seating is everything you want in a movie theatre recliner. From its extra cushioned backrest to motorized headrests and the option to choose from a variety of upholstery and colors, Neon Is a comprehensive recliner. 


The VIP recliner comes with an optional swivel table. We also give you the freedom to choose a manual or electric version of the Neon recliner and avail of the zero wall mechanism customized to your cinema theatre blueprint. Improvisation is a continuous process here at Atom Seating, and new things are always around the corner. You can always learn about the latest developments by dropping us a quick email. 


Minimalist design and supremely comfortable cinema recliner by Atom Seating 

  • Available in Grande or Short

  • Customizable recliner depth

  • Configurable for inclined install

  • Offered as single, continuous, or love seats (with an articulating center arm)

  • Constructible with ADA ends 

  • Optional swivel tables 

  • A variety of upholstery and colors 

  • Choice of manual or electric recliner 

  • Also available in Zero Wall Mechanism 

  • Daybed option available 

  • Roll-up Seat Legrest 

  • Motorized Headrest 

Neon Recliner by Atom Seating
Neon Recliner by Atom Seating

Why Choose Us?

Neon recliner - Customisable to the tee 

  • Neon movie theatre recliner comes with Grande and Short options which allows you to optimally use your cinema theatre space and maximize seating. 

  • The VIP recliner is also available in a single, continuous, day bed and loveseats option so that you can decide the kind of seats that best match your cinema theatre audience. 

  • The zero wall mechanism fits well with cinema theatres that like to use every inch of their theatre optimally. 

  • The easy cleaning mechanism is probably one of the primary reasons why the Neon recliner is the best movie theatre recliner

  • You can choose from a variety of upholstery and colors in Neon recliners according to the look and feel of the cinema theatre. 


1. Why choose Atom Seating Neon Recliners? 

Neon recliners offer several advantages for cinema owners who can pre-personalize the recline, from tip to toe, in accordance with their audience, space, and several other factors. In addition, we also offer deferred payment options and an extended warranty on our VIP recliners, including the Neon recliner. We employ a dedicated customer service team to solve all your queries regarding Atom Seating recliners, gliders, rockers, and cinema accessories. 

2. Where can I find Neon cinema recliners in the USA? 

To learn about the recliner, its dimensions, and its features, you can download the pdf brochure presented above. To enquire, you can email us at or send us a hello via the website chat.

3. What are the features of Neon recliners? 

Log table seat base, roll up seat leg rest, motorized headrest and the choice of manual and electric are some of the Neon recliners leading features. You can learn more about Neon recliner features from the brochure above or by dropping us an email.

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