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platinum recliner


 Extravagance on point - Platinum recliner 

  • Ergonomic design with high density molded foam 

  • Available as loveseat with swivel tables 

  • An optional premium wood finish center console 

  • Motorized neck rest for added adjustment 

  • Center storage console available (Optional) 

  • Multiple motor configurations (Optional)

  • Privacy enclosure (Optional) 


The platinum standard of cinema recliners - Platinum VIP Recliner

The Platinum recliner by Atom Seating is tweaked with several versatile features considering the demands of cinema owners and their patrons. The VIP recliner is every bit comfortable as it is luxurious. The spacious design, smooth luxe leather finish with high density molded foam for the perfect movie-watching experience is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the features and benefits of this cinema recliner. 


Keeping safety at the forefront, the Platinum recliner is also available with a privacy enclosure. As the name suggests, the Platinum recliner is made for patrons who love comfort and space when enjoying their favorite movie. We are not the one for boasting, but Platinum is the best movie theatre recliner. Don't trust us? Order a sample today. Atom Seating also offers deferred payment on its recliners, including Platinum Recliner. 

platinum recliner
platinum recliner

Why Choose Us?

An all-round movie watching experience with maximum recline

  • Every aspect of the Platinum recliner is premium. From the buttons to the upholstery and the classy swivel table, if you are looking to upscale your cinema theater by delivering the best moving going experience to your patrons, Platinum recliner is the answer. 

  • The privacy enclosure allows patrons to enjoy an enhanced and enclosed expertise at the movies. 

  • The platinum recliner is also available as loveseats because there is no better way to enjoy a movie than a premium VIP recliner and a loved one by your side. 

  • The recliner is every inch spacious, leaving a ton of room for your patron to move around and find the perfect movie-watching position. 

  • The motorized headrest apart from the recline and space allows patrons to adjust the watching experience to their comfort.

  • Easy to clean mechanism in the recliner is specifically designed for faster and better cleaning. 


1. Why choose Atom Seating Platinum Recliners? 

If there is a true VIP recliner, it is the Platinum recliner. The movie theatre recliner is adjusted with several features and offers a comprehensive experience to your patrons. It comes in love seats with numerous optional add ons and accessories that really seal the deal for cinema owners who are looking for top-notch recliners.

2. Where can I find Platinum cinema recliners in the USA? 

Platinum recliners are one of Atom Seating’s leading line of cinema recliners with installations across the United States. To enquire, you can always get in touch with the sales team of Atom Seating at You can also download the recliner brochure from above. 

3. What are the features of Platinum recliners? 

The Platinum recliner was designed for one purpose and it was to deliver the most comforting and sublime experience to patrons. From the upholstery to the motorized headrest, everything about the recliner is lux and relaxing. 

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