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Movie Theatre Owners : Do You Check For Certifications Before Investing in VIP Recliners?

Is your cinema seating EN12727 Level 4 certified?

  • EN12727 Level 4 testing ensures that movable and adjustable parts of seating are designed to prevent injuries and inadvertent operation, reducing the risk of accidents in public spaces.

  • It ensures that load-bearing parts of seating cannot come loose unintentionally, guaranteeing structural integrity and safety for users.

  • EN12727 Level 4 guidelines address lubrication of parts to assist sliding, preventing lubricant stains and maintaining cleanliness in public seating areas.

  • It mandates that seating that’s permanently fastened to the floor or wall must protect users from potential hazards like shear and squeeze points, ensuring user safety especially in areas with powered mechanisms.

  • By adhering to EN12727 Level 4 standards Atom Seating creates long-lasting cinema seating solutions that prioritise safety and usability in public spaces, leading to optimal outcomes for both cinema owners and their patrons.

Why must your cinema seats be Martindale wear & abrasion tested?

  • The Martindale Rub Test assesses the durability of fabric by measuring how many times sandpaper or wool rubs across the upholstery before showing signs of wear and tear.

  • It provides a numerical score that is internationally recognized, indicating the fabric's durability for general domestic or contract use in upholstery.

  • The higher the Martindale test score, the more durable the fabric, meaning it can withstand more wear and tear before showing visible signs of distress.

  • Results from the Martindale test help cinema owners make informed decisions about fabric selection, ensuring they choose materials suitable for their intended upholstery.

  • The Martindale Rub Test ensures that upholstery materials meet specific durability standards, in case of cinema seating, which is a commercial use case, it must be more than 30,000 rubs. Atom Seating is certified with Martindale Wear & Abrasion test for over 100,000 rubs.

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