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Updated: Aug 2, 2022

SPACES AND BETWEEN (SAB), was formed with the main objective to reduce or fill-up gaps within Cinemas. Voyage Entertainment and Atom Seating are the two verticals of SAB that fill up those gaps.

VOYAGE ENTERTAINMENT focuses on the creative journey of film production to deliver content so engaging, that the screens don't stay empty.

ATOM SEATING fills those cinemas with the right products and services ensuring the patrons an unwavering experience. ATOM SEATING is a recognised name in the world of VIP Recliners, gliders and normal seats. Movie auditoriums with Atom seats have been a trend across the globe, giving the moviegoers an “aww" moment always. The seating industry is like any other industry, where one has to learn the art of satisfying customers. Atom Seating dedicates a large portion of its time in improving its seats by taking a three step approach -

The most important market research is done at cinema level where feedback from the patrons are given the highest priority, Cinema owners also guide us to make some tweaks ergonomically, and, at production level, it’s R&D department takes the most aggressive approach to improve the quality.

At SAB, the product is not always the selling factor. Customer service, after sales support, one point contact, end-to-end services are an integral part of our DNA.

Today, SAB is present across the globe - from USA to Mexico, from Nepal to Europe, from India to the Middle East. It is serving its happy clients with repeat orders and top notch after sales services.

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