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Floater Recliner


Seats designed to fit in your current screen - Floater Recliner

Our new product ‘Floater’’ is already creating a stir in the Cinema Seating industry. This recliner mechanism by Atom Seating is a result of years of research and observation. The seats are designed to fit in your current screen decor. 


For example, if you have steps or risers with normal seats or rockers and want to update your seating configuration to VIP recliners, then look no further. With almost zero civil work, you can install the floater mechanism between two steps or risers. Our floater mechanism can be customised to suit between 6 inches to 18 inches high risers. The process of transformation hence is easy and hassle free. Much to the relief of cinema owners, it saves on cost and time.


Atom Seating's Floater is meticulously shipped in a knocked-down structure, a strategy designed to optimise various aspects of the shipping and delivery process. This approach enhances spatial efficiency, resulting in reduced shipping costs by maximising the number of seats that can be accommodated within each container. Furthermore, it simplifies the handling of individual components, significantly mitigating the risk of damage during transit.

We also offer a grand collection of upholstery and accessory options with Floater  recliners, just something to seal the deal. All our recliners, including the Floater cinema recliners, come with deferred payment options. 


Seats designed to upgrade your screen instantly

  • Fits perfectly with your screen decor

  • Dual Motor Configuration (Mandatory)

  • Available with all Mini and XL VIP Models

  • Up to 18” (457mm) rise per tier

  • Optional swivel table

  • Optional motorized neck rest for added adjustment

  • A variety of upholstery and colors'

  • Constructable with ADA ends

Floater Recliner
Floater Recliner

Why Choose Us?

Hassle free transformation of your screen

  • The seats are designed keeping in mind the existing floor steps and can be installed within the floor structure avoiding the cost for any civil alterations

  • Keeping in consideration the utmost comfort, the seats comes with state of the art dual motor configuration and an optional motorised neck rest

  • The installation process is simplified and takes much lesser time period


1. Why choose Atom Seating Floater Recliners?

Floater recliners are designed to upgrade your screen within the existing floor steps. From the hassle free installation option to the variety of upholstery and color options, you can custom the recliner the way you want. Add to that the extended warranty offered by Atom Seating, and you have yourself a full house.

2. Where can I find Floater cinema recliners in the USA?

Floater Recliner comes from the house of  Atom Seating. We ship worldwide. You can enquire about Floater by simply dropping us an email at A downloadable brochure is also available above. 

3. What are the features of Floater recliners? 

Floater Recliners are designed to fit in your existing seating floor plan. It helps cinema owners to save cost and precious time on installation. It upgrades the cinema screen with a variety of customisable options from upholstery to colours. It comes with an optional Swivel table to maximise comfort. With dual motor configuration and an optional motorized neck rest, this is undoubtedly the best option you can look for.

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