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Unparalleled comfort for your patrons, unlimited customisation for your cinema theatre. 

Atom Seating


compact in nature, comfortable in design. They are not just gliders but, VIP gliders.



modernised for the new age movie-goer.

table light accessory


personalise your cinema seating with a vairety of accessories

Cinema Seats Perfected to the Tee

Atom seating®, with more than 20,000 installations of cinema seats across the globe, has become the go-to choice for cinema owners. Our VIP cinema seats, including, recliners, rockers, and gliders guarantee the utmost comfort for moviegoers. 
Today, cinema seats have revolutionized the way people watch movies. Just like sound or picture quality, cinema seating adds to the overall experience of watching a movie. This is the concept at the core of every cinema seat we manufacture. Our seats ensure the patrons an unwavering experience.

In addition to the cinema-goers, our keen interest, while developing movie theatre seats, is helping cinema owners. Features like enhanced cleaning mechanism, remote-controlled LED numbers, and easy removal base, among others, especially in VIP recliners, help cinema owners with easy and quick maintenance.

In the world of vip cinema seating, Atom Seating is a prominent and renowned name. Our seats in movie auditoriums have been a trend across the globe, giving the moviegoers an "aww!" moment always.
We have always indulged ourselves in developing and designing our seats with the sole intent to deliver unparalleled comfort, and hence, a considerably enhanced cinema experience to the cinema-goers.

Comfort Paired with the Latest Technology in Cinema Seating

Our cinema seats are the best of both worlds – design and technology. We don’t try to change the age-old design of cinema seats but enhance them with thoughtful tweaks. Zero wall technology, compact recliners, easy to replace parts, are only a handful of ways atom seating cinema theatre chairs are customised to fit the needs of a modern-day movie theatre.

Our cinema recliners are enriched with the latest technological trends for the true VIP experience of cinema lovers. All our products are made with careful introspection and attention to detail that provides the movie-goers an unbiased and luxe experience.

Cinema seating is incomplete without the inclusion of accessories. Whether it’s a variety of upholstery for cinema rockers or the many options of swivel tables in VIP recliners, we give the keys to customisation to you. As a cinema owner, no one but you understand what’s best for your cinema theatre. But, what we can do is to help you with varied options, and that’s what we do. We constantly push our efforts into research and development to device more accessories that you might need in your theatre.

Why an Atom Seating Cinema Seat?

  • Luxe Design – Atom Seating VIP cinema seats are crafted to deliver an unmatched seating experience. Premium upholstery, wood-finished swivel table, a sophisticated construct of motorised function. Every button, every movement, and every function is tested and designed to offer the optimum feel of luxury.

  • Durability – Our products adhere to the highest standards of testing and have gone through the European standard durable quality test for commercial seating with EN 12727:2016 Level 4 certification. Our upholstery is Martindale Wear & Abrasion approved with more than 100,000 rubs.

  • The Trust of Cinema Owners across the globe – Our expansive clientele from across the USA, Bulgaria, India, Bahrain, Pakistan, California, UAE, Australia, and many more are a testament to the quality of our cinema seats and unprecedented service.

  • A variety of accessories – A collection of upholstery, a variety of swivel tables, motion sensors, table lamp, center table, wireless charger, you name it, our cinema seat has it. The versatility of our cinema seating accessories helps our customers to personalise their theatre seating to great depths.

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