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Personalise your seats with multiple chair accessories

swivel table accessory
table light accessory

Accessorise your theatre with an exclusive line of Atom Seating® accessories for recliners, gliders and rockers. From motion control buttons to weight sensors and seat number options. Find all the accessories you need to make your theatre the perfect place to enjoy movies for your patrons.  

recliner upholstery
neon vip cinema recliner

Atom Seating® presents you with varied options of upholstery for it's recliners and gliders. Why restrict yourself to the same old colors, explore elegance and discover class with these exquisite line of upholstery. Click on the button to download the brochure.

rocker upholstery
hydro rocker side

More features, more colors, more texture, blend your cinema theatre decor with the right upholstery for rockers. Find your match, click on the button above.

rocker upholstery orange
rocker upholstery orange

Brighten up your movie theatre with these alluring synthetic leather upholstery for rockers. Explore custom synthetic leather options, today!

laminates swivel table
laminates swivel table

Premium finish laminates offered on all Atom Seating® VIP recliners, gliders and rockers. Have a closer look, download the brochure.

Atom Seating
Atom Seating

Changing scenarios demand improved safety measures. Social shield is a simple option that shields each patron and provides an extra bit of security when at the movies. 

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