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Radium gliders


Time to upgrade to comfort - Radium Glider Chairs 

  • Economical ok point and footprint 

  • Seamless slide into recline operation

  • Obstruction-free understructure makes cleaning a breeze 

  • Offered as single, continuous, or love seats (with an articulating center arm)

  • Constructible with ADA ends 

  • Optional Swivel table 

  • A variety of upholstery and color options

radium gliders


A better cinema seating option 

The two things that always come in the middle of every purchase you make towards your cinema theatre are budget and durability. The Radium movie theatre seat by Atom Seating is your solution to both aspects. Radium gliders are carefully designed and optimally cushioned to deliver an all-around comfortable seating experience at the movies. From a quick flick to a prolonged movie marathon, with Radium cinema seats, your patron will enjoy movies for hours without any discomfort. 


The Radium glider is the perfect bridge between an elaborate recliner and a simple rocker seat. It may be just the right kind of upgrade your cinema theater requires. The glider is also very durable and offers long life. In addition, we offer an extended warranty on the Radium recliner. Contact us to learn more. 

Radium gliders

Why Choose Us?

Best in affordability - Radium movie theatre seats 

  • If you are on a budget looking to buy movie theatre seats, but normal cinema seats are not the option, Radium is the best alternative you must consider. It's competitively priced when opposed to cinema rockers but offers an enhanced, premium seating experience to moviegoers. 

  • Since the Atom Seating cinema chair has an obstruction-free understructure, cleaning becomes fast and easy. 

  • The availability of a swivel table on a glider is an added hint of luxury and comfort you can offer your cinema owners with Radium gliders. 

  • The glider is extremely durable and is immune to harsh use for longer durations. 


1. Why choose Atom Seating Radium Glider? 

When it comes to cinema seating, nothing can beat an affordable, durable, customizable and comfortable glider chair. Radium is competitively priced, allows customization and is unbeatable in delivering the most comfortable experience to patrons.  

2. Where can I find Radium glider seats in the USA?

To enquire about Radium gliders, you can reach out to the customer support or sales team or Atom Seating at You can also download the Radium glider brochure for more detailed insights into the glider. 

3. What are the features of Radium gliders?

Radium is a comprehensive glider, developed by Atom Seating to eliminate the need for normal discomforting cinema seats. Radium comes with a boast of features, including an optional swivel table and varied upholstery choices. 

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