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Manually Yours - Tungsten Gliders

  • Most economical set with almost the feeling of a recliner 

  • Footrest in a glider 

  • Offered as single, continuous, or love seats (with an articulating center arm)

  • Construction with ADA arms 

  • Sturdy metal construction 

  • Available in a variety of upholstery and colors 


Glide Into Comfort With Tungsten Glider Chairs 

A manual glider that's equal in comfort to a recliner, Tungsten gliders by Atom Seating is affordable, sturdy and customizable. The glider is one of the early and most improved variants of Atom Seating cinema chairs. The best features of the Tungsten glider can be narrowed down to the extra recline backrest that the chair provides which helps patrons choose their movie watching position.


The gliders available in the loveseat, double arm, and single-arm option allow you to choose the seating pattern that best suits your cinema theatre. Additionally, although it might be a narrow frame, the cinema glider is broad and offers enough space for an average patron to relax and recline. You can avail the glider with several upholstery and color options available for Tungsten. 

Tungsten glider
Tungsten glider

Why Choose Us?

Glider at the cost of a recliner

  • The Tungsten glider is one of the most sort after-theatre chairs. If you plan to buy movie theatre seats with a budget of a glider, Tungsten is the best option for you. 

  • From the headset to the backrest, you can transfer the glider into a recliner in no time. 

  • Its ergonomic design is calibrated to the comfort needs of a moviegoer while keeping in mind the space factor for cinema owners. 

  • The cup holders are sturdy and can be customized to the average cup size of the region of your cinema theatre. 

  • Cleaning a Tungsten glider by Atom Seating is extremely smooth and requires no extra effort which allows you to schedule a movie faster (just another quick reason why Tungsten is the best). 


1. Why choose Atom Seating Tungsten Glider? 

Are you a cinema owner looking for a new, durable recliner on a restricted budget? Take a look at the Tungsten glider and you'll realize it is every bit a recliner as it is a glider. Allowing you to save big with it compromising on your patron's comfort, Tungsten is the answer to your cinema seating problems. 

2. Where can I find Tungsten glider seats in the USA?

You can refer to the Tungsten brochure for more insights into the glider. To enquire further, you can send us a mail on The customer support team is always available at Atom Seating.

3. What are the features of Tungsten gliders?

The most prominent feature of tungsten would include its affordability and durability. The glider also allows a variety of seating arrangements and personalization in upholstery and color choices. 

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