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A ton of breathing space - Oxy cinema seats 

The movie-going patrons have evolved. Gone are the days when movie theaters were only about the big screen and surround sound. Today’s movie-goer wants more. They want comfort. Oxy movie theatre seats are an optimized version of the "normal cinema seats". Oxy cinema theatre chair is studded with features and offers patrons the most comfortable movie-watching experience even from the front row. 


From auditoriums to stadiums and movie halls, these seats fit anywhere and everywhere. Atom Seating Oxy movie theatre seats are also very sturdy and were designed keeping in mind the harsh and frequent use of the seats. Atom Seating also offers a comprehensive 8 year quality warranty on the Oxy seats. In a nutshell, if you are looking to recalibrate your cinema theatre or auditorium with better and affordable seats - Oxy rocker chairs by Atom Seating is your answer. 


More than just seats - Oxy movie theatre chairs 

  • Fixed or rolling backrest 

  • Optional tip-up seat

  • Optional articulating armrest 

  • Polyurethane soaked sponge for enhanced elasticity  

  • PP injection molded armrest

  • Commercial steel molded framework

  • Upholstered side panels 

  • Fire retardant foam and fabric 

  • 8 years quality warranty 

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oxy rocker seats

Why Choose Us?

Affordable, comfortable and durable - Oxy rockers 

  • Buying the perfect seating for an auditorium or cinema hall can be a tiring task but with Atom Seating - well, we are just a holler away. From helping you find the right rocker seats to installation and ease of payment, Atom Seating is always there. 

  • An 8-year extended quality warranty helps you make a confident decision to go with Oxy because you know whatever the issue, we will be there.

  • Durable construct keeping in consideration the everyday hustles of a cinema seat. 

  • Highly affordable with enhanced comfort for patrons as opposed to normal seats. 


1. Why choose Atom Seating Oxy rocker seats?

Oxy seats are developed from the perspective of a cinema owner who wants to help their patrons with more than just normal seats. Oxy cinema seats have a robust design with maximized comfort with a competitive price point. Read more about them at Atom Seating


2. Where can I find Oxy rocker seats in the USA? 

To enquire about Oxy cinema seats, you can reach out to You can also download the Oxy brochure from here or above. 

3. What are the features of Oxy rocker seats?

Oxy rockers seats offer several features but a few that stand out among all, include 8 year quality warranty, fixed or rollup backrest and Polyurethane soaked sponge for enhanced elasticity. 

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