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Investing in a cinema can be a profitable venture. As a cinema owner, the right decisions at the right time becomes crucial. With an ever changing entertainment landscape, here are some potential investments and strategies that cinema owners can consider to improve their business:

  • Comfortable Seating: This could be the real game changer. Giving your customer comfort and luxury through state of the art recliners could just enhance the overall movie going experience and is also directly proportional to profit. At Atom Seating our goal is to upgrade your movie theatre experience with our seating solutions. Check out our new offering ‘Floater’ which fits right into your Cinema Screen without the hassle of civil construction.

Seats are the only tangible option which movie-goers can touch and feel. So for comfortable and pocket friendly upgrades - check out our website to explore different seating options which would be just perfect for your cinema screen.

  • Upgrading Technology: Keep your cinema technologically up to date. This includes investing in high-quality laser projectors, immersive sound systems and technology driven smart accessories for consumers. Technology can greatly enhance the cinema experience and attract more customers. Consider integrating VR or AR experiences in your cinema to offer something unique and attract a tech-savvy audience. Wireless mobile chargers, seat warmers, massagers are some examples of how Atom Seating includes technology in its recliner.

  • Marketing and Promotion: Invest in marketing and promotion to attract a larger audience. Use social media, email marketing, and partnerships with local businesses to create a buzz around your cinema. Check out our page Voyage Entertainment to know more.

  • Improve Customer Experience: Focus on providing an excellent customer experience. Ensure your cinema is clean, staff are courteous, and the overall atmosphere is welcoming. And most importantly online customer support services, at Spaces and between we also help you to devise smooth online customer care. Write to us at to know more.

  • Loyalty Points and Rewards: Invest in user-friendly and efficient online loyalty points or reward systems. This enhances the overall experience of consumers and also ensures return purchase and prolonged relationship.

Remember that the success of a cinema largely depends on location, competition, local market and the services and comfort you provide to the end consumer. It's essential to conduct a thorough business analysis and stay agile in adapting to changing consumer habits and industry trends. At “Atom Seating”, we help patrons to upgrade themselves with one of the world’s best seating solutions.

The reason cinema owners are upgrading their locations with Atom Seating’s VIP recliners in itself is a proof of concept. Investment is positive only when there is return on it. With a recliner installed, cinema owners can upsell each ticket, turn their cinemas into dine-in options thus increasing F&B profit, the overall review on various social media platforms also changes significantly. We witnessed how cinema owners of multiple locations gradually upgraded recliners from one location to another. All in all, after delivering more than 50,000 seats we can safely say - business can grow immensely by upgrading the seating for consumers. A tangible comfort resulting in higher repeat customers and upwards profitability for the property.

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