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Atom Seating’s Sustainably Designed Upholstery for Unapologetic Cinema Comfort

Updated: Jun 28

Atom Seating VIP recliner with floater mechanism comes with sustainable upholstery.

The textile industry accounts for approximately 10% of all global emissions. This statistic underscores the importance of making mindful choices about the furnishings and fittings we select for our cinema theatres. In addition to developing feature rich cinema seats, we at Atom Seating, are equally dedicated in building a system of sustainable material management that highlights an eco-friendly and cruelty-free approach to manufacturing.

We understand the significance of incorporating ‘green’ features into our VIP recliners and theatre seats as a contribution from our end towards a sustainable future. Adding to our initiative is our sustainable upholstery options.

Cinema Patrons are Environmentally Aware Too

Today, consumers are growing more mindful of the environmental impact their decisions have. This growing awareness is reflected in their tendency to support businesses that share their commitment to sustainability. Movies are one of the most prominent customer oriented businesses, where the views & opinions of the patrons matter a lot. One way movie theatres can align with these values that modern cinema patrons carry is by using eco-friendly upholstery options, which addresses this rising market demand and showcases their dedication to environmental stewardship.

How Atom Seating’s Sustainably Designed Upholstery Benefits Cinema Owners

  • Minimize Carbon Footprint

One significant advantage of opting for sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics is their potential to lessen the textile industry's environmental footprint. It’s no news that the textile industry heavily relies on materials that contribute to pollution. This is a concerning matter. In contrast, Atom Seating proactively partners with vendors who craft fabrics naturally with biodegradable, or recyclable materials, effectively seeking to decrease the carbon footprint that the production of fabrics leave behind.

  • Long-Lasting Fabrics

Atom Seating’s sustainable upholstery not only aids in the conservation of natural resources, but also assures that fabrics sustain the test of time and cinema patrons. Whether it’s faux leather or custom upholstery made from wool, our cruelty-free and sustainable fabrics last longer than usual materials. Additionally, our upholstery goes through stringent tests like Martindale Rub & Abrasion to assure our clients receive the most durable options.

In worst case scenarios, our easily detachable headrest, footrest and backrest allows for quick removal and replacement of upholstery.

  • Social Responsibility

Certain types of fabrics often undergo treatments with chemicals which pose potential health risks. Sustainable and eco-friendly upholstery fabrics avoid these harmful treatments, ensuring a safer choice for both human health and the environment. Become a socially responsible cinema owner by choosing sustainable cinema seating upholstery.

  • Stylish and Comfortable

Experience ultra superior upholstery with refined touch and feel. We ensure not only a high-end aesthetic, but also unparalleled comfort. Our eco-friendly materials are carefully selected for their quality and durability, offering an elegant solution that supports environmental conservation. With Atom Seating, enjoy the sophisticated look and feel of premium upholstery while making a responsible choice for a sustainable future.

End Note

It’s high-time we shift our focus on making environmentally conscious decisions in our business functions. We are doing in part with the implementation of sustainable upholstery manufacturing.

To learn, reach an Atom expert at

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