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vip cinema recliners installed by atom seating in cinema theater


Designed to Deliver an Unparalleled Cinema Watching Experience

platinum vip recliner front.jpg
platinum vip recliner side.jpg

Platinum VIP recliner by Atom Seating delivers optimal comfort. The cinema recliner is enriched with the latest technological trends in cinema seating to present movie goers with a truly VIP experience at the movies. 

neon vip cinema recliner front.jpg
neon vip cinema recliner side.jpg

Space for more. More comfort. More Seats. Neon cinema recliner comes in both GRANDE or SHORT size options. This vip recliner has customisable depth, Rollup seat leg rest, varied color options, optional swivel table and more. 

helium vip recliner front.jpg
helium vip recliner side new.jpg

Ergonomic cushioning for unbiased comfort. Helium vip recliner is available in Mini and XL sizes. This customisable cinema recliner comes with the facility to add or remove swivel table, zero wall mechanism, roll up seat leg rest and motorised headrest. 

krypton cinema recliner front new.jpg
krypton cinema recliner side.jpg

Minimum size. Maximum Comfort. 23 inch seat base and 25 inch center to center i.e the smallest vip recliner variant for cinemas. This movie theatre seat comes with interchangeable parts and low maintenance cost. 

argon vip cinema recliner front.jpg
argon vip cinema recliner side.jpg

Every inch cushioned with comfort.  This cinema recliner makes you feel like home at the cinemas. Configurable for inclined installation, optional swivel table, liftable seat base, roll up seat leg rest and more. Daybed option available.  

VIP Recliners for a VIP Experience

Since 1888, the cinema industry has seen a massive change in the way movies are portrayed and perceived in the cinema theatre. The sound, the picture quality, the food, and the atmosphere, between all the change one thing that remains constant is the experience. Whether it's the fascination of watching a train moving from the shimmer of the celluloid or your favorite superheroes uniting to fight the greatest threat to humankind, movies have always been about experiences. At Atom Seating, we strive to enhance this experience for cinema patrons with VIP cinema seats. 


Just like everything else at the movies, cinema seating is a contributor to delivering that magical movie-watching experience. That's why it too needs an upgrade. So, with a little design motivation and a lot of research, we create a line of VIP cinema seats. These seats are two-faced. On one side, they have features like comfort, spacious design and multiple angles of recline, and headrest to find the perfect movie-watching position designed for patrons. On the other hand, the movie theatre seats are designed keeping in mind the demand of a cinema owner. Unhindered cleaning mechanism for quick and effortless cleaning, personalized upholstery, swivel table, and design options, you have the command over the features you want in your VIP cinema seats. 


The Atom Seating VIP Recliners:

  • Platinum

  • Neon

  • Krypton

  • Helium

  • Argon


From the features they offer to the design, each VIP cinema seat is distinct from the other. To top it all off, all Atom Seating VIP recliners have EN 12727:2016 Level 4 certification, alongside Martindale Wear & Abrasion approved with more than 10,000 rubs.