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helium recliner front


Best Cinema Seating with a daybed option - Helium Recliner

Atom Seating recliners are carefully crafted and technologically peaked. Helium is one of Atom Seating’s best-selling recliners across the globe. The recliner offers a variety of choices to the cinema owners who demand a cinema recliner customized to their cinema theatre. From the compact Helium mini recliner to an epitome of luxury at the movies - Helium XL recliner or the choice to pick your Helium VIP recliner in single, continuous, daybed, or love seat arrangement - there is no end to the ways you can personalize Atom Seating Helium Recliner to your fancy. 

We also offer a grand collection of upholstery and accessory options with Helium recliners, just something to seal the deal. All our recliners, including the Helium cinema recliners, come with deferred payment options. 


Experience personalized cinema seating with VIP recliners by Atom Seating

  • Available in XL and MINI

  • Ergonomic cushioning for unbiased comfort

  • Elbow pad armrest for added comfort

  • Configurable for inclined installation

  • Offered as single, continuous, daybed, or loveseats options (with an articulating center arm).  

  • A variety of upholstery and colors

  • Choice of manual or electric recliner

  • Constructible with ADA ends (Optional)

  • Swivel table (Optional)

  • Liftable seat base (Optional)

  • Roll-up seat leg rest (Optional)

  • Motorized Headrest (Optional)

Helium recliner
Helium recliner with swivel table

Why Choose Us?

Unparalleled comfort with utmost safety 

  • Without compromising on comfort, we have been able to devise both Mini and XL versions of Helium recliners which cinema theatres can choose considering aspects like space in the cinema theatre. In a word- the Helium recliner is truly your (cinema owners) recliner. 

  • Cleaning is made effortless with Helium Recliner’s top-of-the-line cleaning mechanism. 

  • In a semicircle, close to one another or at a distance for more privacy, with single, continuous, and Helium loveseats options, you can arrange the seats the way your moviegoers like. 

  • Customization and the ability to remove and replace external and internal parts of the recliner when required is an added benefit for cinema owners who constantly find their cinema recliners being vigorously used. 

  • Comes with a different payment option so you don’t have to think long before choosing the best movie theatre recliner by Atom Seating. 


1. Why choose Atom Seating Helium Recliners? 

Helium recliner by Atom Seating is one of the best-selling cinema seats. It is highly customizable, easily accessorized, and comes with over 50 upholstery options to choose from. Add deferred payment options on Helium Recliners and an extended warranty by Atom Seating, and you have a complete package.

2. Where can I find Helium cinema recliners in the USA? 

You can learn all about Helium recliners from the brochure provided above. To enquire about Helium cinema recliners by Atom Seating, you can always contact us via mail. Our customer service is available round the clock for your service. 

3. What are the features of helium recliners? 

A few of Atom Seating’s Helium recliners features include the option for manual/automatic, ergonomic cushioning, zero wall mechanism, roll-up seat leg rest, ADA ends, and several customization options to explore. 

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