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Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Cinema seating has come a long way since the inception of the silver screen. From the uncomfortable wooden assembly of chairs to the squeezed rockers and finally recliners, movie theatres have not only improved in the aspects related to the quality of sound and visuals but the seating experience as well. Movie theatres that were once regarded as a place to delight upon the latest releases are now expected to serve more to the customers, more quality, more technology and, better comfort. Considering the scenario, theatres are now obliged to adapt to a new way of seating. Hence, recliners are slowly becoming a new norm and they are here to stay.

However, when choosing a movie theatre recliner for your cinema, there are more facets to consider now than ever. From the size to the kind and features that you know will attract patrons to your cinema, here is a quick guide on how you can choose the best cinema seating for your theatre.

1. Safety Is Priority

COVID 19 has affected the cinema industry in a big way. Cinema theatres across the globe are on the brink of closure, its employees are filing for unemployment and, the overall scenario seems like a never-ending nightmare. Like a light at the end of a tunnel, supports and lovers of cinema have come forward with campaigns to reprise the cinema industry. Theatres at locations least affected by the virus are opening up and running movies with necessary precautions. Running a theatre with half its capacity is a great measure, but we know it’s a short-term plan. What about the long term? Adapting to a cinema seating solution that is not just safe for the patrons but beneficial for you, cinema owner, as well. A better way to go about it is to choose recliners over rockers. Even though the initial cost would seem like a large investment, the benefits you will receive will be unparalleled. Recliners deliver the right bit of space that confirms the safety of patrons better than rockers can.

2. Comfort with features

A recliner that is slightly or mildly comfortable for you can be completely uncomfortable for your patrons. In other words, you need a truly comfortable recliner. Not something that feels good for maybe half an hour and then your back starts to hurt. Before investing in a movie theatre recliner, make sure you spend some time with it. That being said, you don’t want to solely rely on comfort, there are tons of other features you want your VIP recliner to have. A good example of such a feature is the wireless USB charger. It’s the age of smartphones and having a feature like this comes as a sweet surprise for your patrons and can be one of those reasons they return to your cinema theatre next time around.

3. Cleaning should not be a burden

Cleaning a recliner is a difficult enough task but, cleaning an auditorium full of recliners is an unfathomable chore that requires time and patience, especially in today’s time when safety is a top priority. Having a VIP recliner with an easy cleaning mechanism is an unprecedented necessity. Choose a recliner that not just looks good but also cleans well. Cutting your cleaning time means running the movie much faster i.e more profits.

4. Durability and Long Life

Investing in a VIP recliner is not something you do every year. It’s a hefty investment that you expect to last for many years to come. So, durability is undeniably an important factor. From the swivel table to the backrest cushion, every part of the VIP recliner needs to be optimized for long life.

5. Customisation

Your uniquely designed cinema theatre cannot be ruined because of the same old monotonous looking recliners. You need your recliners to be customisable. From the upholstery to the number tags and the pattern of swivel tables, everything on your recliner should be customisable to your demands. In short, when you don’t compromise with your cinema theatre décor, why to compromise on the cinema seating?

6. Warranty and Servicing

You don’t need big, you need reliable. You don’t want a big manufacturer with low regard for post-sale services, you need a cinema seating manufacturer that holds your hand throughout the buying process and beyond. Check for the kind of warranty you are availing of with your purchase, and do look out for customer service. At the end of the day, you don’t want your customer to go back home with a bad movie experience because of a fault in your recliner that wasn’t amended on time.

7. Deferred Payment Options

As business has been down due to lockdowns and precautions, to pull patrons to your cinemas and win their confidence, a luxury VIP recliner is the key step. However, it is also vital to consider that in these trying times it is eminent that you have liquid money at your disposal. Choose a brand which provides varied payment options in the form of part payment or EMI, allowing you to maintain a smooth cash flow at this crucial time. Preventing you from investing a grand sum of capital, differed payment options are the way ahead.

Be wise, choose right. Got a burning question? Shoot it up in the comments below and we will answer.


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