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Titanium glider


Comfortable from every angle - Titanium Glider Seats 

Titanium glider by Atom Seating is a cinema seating experience. The glider seat is thoughtfully designed and offers an optimized comforting experience to your patrons for a longer time at the movies. Foot or armrest, every part of Tungsten dictates comfort. But, what about the budget? The Titanium gliders are meticulously priced and offer cinema owners a chance to revamp their cinema theatres with more durable and relaxing cinema seats without putting a dent in their pockets. 


The glider is sturdy and customizable, offering you the chance to mix and match cinema accessories to have the best version of cinema seating you desire for your cinema theatre. The materials used to construct these theatre chairs by Atom Seating are durable, adding an extended life, even after continuous use. It's also the reason why Atom Seating offers an extended warranty and deferred payment options on their cinema seats. 


The best alternative to normal seats - Titanium Glider Seats 

  • Three pillow back design 

  • Seamless slide into recline operation 

  • Obstruction free understructure makes cleaning a breeze 

  • Offered as single, continuous, or love seats (with an articulating center arm) 

  • Constructible with ADA ends 

  • Optional swivel tables 

  • A variety of upholstery and colors 

titanoum glider
Titanium glider

Why Choose Us?

Uplift your cinema theatre with Titanium Gliders 

  • A better alternative to normal seats, Titanium is affordable, offers a lot of features and helps you with an excuse to enhance your cinema seating with seats your patrons would love to relax on. 

  • It comes with a swivel table option which just adds to the fact that a simple tweak can enrich your cinema theatre, a great deal. 

  • When you buy movie theatre seats like Titanium, you have absolute freedom to personalize it to your cinema theatre needs. 

  • The seamless slide into welcome option delivers an undisturbed experience to your patrons for a longer duration of time as opposed to normal cinema seating 


1. Why choose Atom Seating Titanium gliders?

We, at Atom Seating,  spend a lot of thought into designing each movie theatre seat we offer. Titanium is one glider that is made to provide long-lasting comfort in a single sitting, easy cleaning mechanism for cinema owners, and overall durable body to last years without any issues. Everything at a price you would not want to go back to normal seats. 


2. Where can I find Titanium glider seats in the USA? 

To enquire about Titanium gliders you can reach out to us directly via You can also download the brochure for Titanium glider to learn extensively about its features. 

3. What are the features of Titanium gliders?

The most prominent features of the Titanium glider would include it's durable body, seamless recline mechanism, optional swivel table and a variety of upholstery options. 

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